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The world has seen great legends that are still a part of this world and can be seen in most of the parts of the world. There is one legendary musical instrument that has ruled over the hearts of billion of listeners and this instrument is still in the market and very popular, in spite of having a history of centuries. If you listen to the music of this instrument of irish bagpipes, you would not believe that this is the most historical music that you are listening to now. This legendary musical instrument is known as bagpipes and you must have seen it or heard about it from different musicians.

There are many types of this unique instrument but the most common and quality one is irish bagpipes. The culture or the family of irish instruments has many musical instruments but this one is the best, which is known over the world and you can find it in any corner of the world. Irish bagpipe music represents the history and the glory of irish folk music. The irish bagpipes are of the finest quality of bagpipes that is available in the market and it is also known as the Uilleann bagpipe. This is the national bagpipe of Ireland and is very popular. You can get a wide range of notes which will be distinguished in tone.

Irish bagpipes are made by a set of bellows, which are specially designed to wrap around the right arm of the player who is holding it and his or her waist, which helps inflating the pipe bag. The chanting of it consists of two full octave sound ranges, including flats and the sharps. You can play the irish bagpipes by sitting on the floor, which is the best way to play it and this feature is one of the unique features that you cannot find in any other musical instruments that we have in our world.

The irish bagpipes provide three ranges for the ease and the convenience of the player, depending on his knowledge about the irish bagpipes.

  1. This type of irish bagpipes consists of a chanter, bellows and of course a pipe bag. This type of irish bagpipes suites the beginners, as if you want to learn the art of playing this unique instrument, then you should go for it.
  2. The second type of irish bagpipes is known as the half set bagpipes. This is the second and the most interesting set of irish bagpipes that it has a baritone, bass drone and a tenor. These drones are connected with each other by a stock, which also ties them to the bag.  There is one additional key at the stack, which can be used for switching the drones of. This type of irish bagpipes is for only those, who have practiced on the first type for at least a year or more.
  3. The third type of irish bagpipes is for experts only and is a vital instrument in the family of musical instrument. This full set has 3 regulators added in the second type.
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